Radio Blues is a band originally from Mexico City made up of 4 musicians and a section of 3 metals.

It is difficult to classify or classify Radio Blues in a single musical genre since it is not a band that is limited to being in a single style. They have created their own sound which is fresh, powerful, danceable and unique with influences from Blues, Funk, Swing, Rock & Roll, Jazz Manouche and Heavy Metal, with harmonica as the main instrument.

In August and September of 2018 they had their first tour outside of Mexico. They performed in Washington and Canada, achieving a good response in each place where they presented thanks to their original sound.

They have three independent record productions and one EP, in addition to collaborating on two Mexican blues trailers.




The search for new sounds, led Elihú to travel on little explored roads and the result was something totally different with the harmonica, which consisted of mixing this instrument with a trio of strings (cello, viola and violin), resulting in a extraordinary and enveloping sound ensemble.

A very rare combination of instruments completely unique in Mexico.

The arrangements for the strings were written by Elihú Blue Beard himself in collaboration with Edgar Ordóñez (bassist of Radio Blues).

The repertoire consists of themes of its authorship and other themes adapted and arranged for this project.



A duet of harmonica and guitar with a unique sound with original compositions and songs adapted for harmonica with own arrangements with the characteristic style of playing the harmonica of Elihú.

Accompanied by guitarist Martín Taboada who makes accompaniments playing bass lines and playing chords at the same time; In addition to leaning on guitar loops recorded at the time.

It is a very basic alignment but well established with only two instruments well supported between them.